After how many times of typing “how to get free diamond starcoins VIP in msp ?” you reached here. If you are reading this article now then this is going to be your last. Here in 2017, finedroids group of gaming company reveal the latest online free  diamond starcoin VIP  generator tool for MSP. Movie star planet is one the most popular game. Every msp player know the importance of diamond, starcoin and VIP  and also know that how we get this resources and how original system provides these resources.

Player have to pay money for the premium currencies. That’s why we are publishing this article to assist you gamer. Here we are gonna public the latest and secret method to gain the unlimited free diamonds starcoins and VIP through our online cheat system. No matter which device you have and which OS you used to operate your device. Our tool will definitely support for all the device regardless of platform, vendors. Lets be ready for that.

What is moviestarplanet ?

Its a freemium online game which is a simulated platform to be a famous movie star. This is a very popular game because it provides a very good graphics and simulation of real movie industry. Once you create a account then it will provide the place where you can become a famous and rich and also gets lots of friends. Its a kind similar to social networking platform for the simulated game lover. You can make friends as many as you want and also another big thing is you can show own own creativity to all you friend. It also provide the base for the contest and win a competition. Player can create a awesome movies keep in touch with your amazing creative friends.

 What are the important resources in MSP ?

Human always keep an eye on their resources. We all know the importance of resources because resource is only one means of success in your life not only in simulated gaming life but also in real life too. In moviestarplanet, there are three major three resources – diamond, starcoins and VIP  status. Lets digging into it one by one.


Its a primary currency in moviestarplanet. The real MSP gaming system provide 10 coins after  watching the a movie. The key things in msp – number of coins you got is directly proportional to the MSP account level. Higher the level higher the coins quantity.


Most important resource among all available resource in MSP. Most important in a sense that  you can buy your exclusive clothing items and make up items only by using your diamonds. You can find it in your diamond shop of your shopping tab. So far, most of the readers have already guessed that If this resource is  precious one then obviously its hard to gain. As we figured out, there are only two techniques to collect diamonds : either you have to win a competition or by buying VIP package.


Another most most  important resource of this game is VIP package. Players who wants to unlock all the features of MSP game  must buy VIP packages. Only the VIP packages will bring them diamonds and starcoins. As i mentioned previous, it also helps to enable the new features of games which are not available in the free version.

Note: MSP player who wants to enjoy the all the features of this game primarily, one have to unlock all the features before enjoy it .To unlock all the new feature in your MSP account either you have to pay money for  membership or have to use our online cheating technique without harming your achievements in  original MSP.


How to play  msp?

This is a online freemium simulated game. This games is available and support the platform android, iOS, and windows. Player have to download the APK from the  play store according to their device or also available in many others  app store or play store. Initially, you have to create a genuine user account. All the activities you gonna do will only be possible through only your genuine account. You can create your account just by submitting your new username as you like and password. Isn’t this easy?

Why we develop free online  cheating system for unlimited diamond, starcoin and VIP?

Primarily, Everybody love game and we too. We have our own committed and versatile  developers team and developing online generator tool for every real time server based game is our passion. Our main attempt is to provide the free online cheating tool of all resource game like clash of clans, clash royale etc because original gaming system provides only limited amount of resources and  features. In every server based  game, player are accessible to only limited features. To unlock all the feature system compel them to buy the premium package by paying real time money.

Our target is to assist the players who really enjoy the online simulated games like MSP but not fully enjoyed those games due to lack of resources and default lock system of most the amazing feature. We only think about the real players favor and start working to help them on real time.

What are strengths to develop such an amazing online generator tool?

We have world best programmers, networking experts, UX/UI designer, best server  Administrator , BDA and QA . These elements are the core parts of our chronological success. We use world class popular programming languages such as PHP, Java, C#, C, C++, ruby, python, GO etc. Encryption and optimization for our system is our continuous effort to provide the best service. no matter which device you use and which operating system you use to operate your device. Our generator is compatible to all mobile devices. This is a very best generator tool for android, iOs and windows. But, we like to hear words of appreciations form our clients not by ourselves.

Software new features log of msp hack tool version 3.1.1

  • AES – 256 encryption is enabled
  • No need of any VPN, Proxies to be installed.
  • 100% safe from spyware and viruses.
  • Malware auto-detection and auto-clean
  • 100% safe from antiBan

Bug fixes and changes log for MSP

  • Fixes the serious bug of auto reduction of diamonds in version 3.1.0
  • Allow to generate diamonds, starcoins and VIP packages at once.
  • Fixes the potential critical issues of getting pop up dialog while generating more than 9999 diamonds.
  • Activated the TCP three way handshaking protocol  for better communication with original MSP server.
  • Fixes the auto crash while getting the numerous VIP packages.